Walking forward, looking back

 Walking forward, looking back, by artist Carol Maurer, is a practice-based project utilizing a journey through landscape. By walking from her ancestral home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland through Delaware to Chester County, Pennsylvania, Maurer collected stories, photos, memories and objects along the route. The journey began as a way to experimentally confront her responsibility as a descendant of enslavers, and slowly weaved into a meditation on the time, tempos, conversations, and understandings that walking can make space for. 


Entwined, reveals the names of those enslaved by the artist’s great-great-grandfather, as documented in Robert Bell’s Book of Slave Statistics, Dorchester County Maryland 1864 – 1868. The names are knitted with wool sourced from Dorchester County, Maryland, and mounted on barn wood as a visual representation of the legacy of slavery and how it is knitted in the fabric of our history and society.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Triumph over Tragedy

Sandy Hook Shooting: Triumph over Tragedy, artist John David Ehlers illustrates the horror of the tragedy by presenting his emotions graphically through numbers and color. By creating both a numerical icon embodying the vital data of the event, as well as seven emotional combinations of color and icon design, Ehlers goal is to interpret the event as a permanent artistic memorial. Ehlers lives in Baltimore, 275 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, but has been haunted by the incident since it happened in 2012. Although created at the time of the tragedy, Ehlers has waited seven years to share it.